DIY interim pool check

for my pool

fast water quality check for 7 parameters - nitrate, nitrite, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH number, total hardness, carbonate hardness.

Pools, swimming pools and whirlpools

Demands differ greatly on water in private indoor and outdoor pools. A regular check on water quality and treatment in public baths is governed i.e. in Germany by DIN standard 19643.

Regular analyses of water used in the private sector supports carefree swimming.

DIY water test test4aqua – for my pool

test4aqua is a simple, hygienic DIY interim water test for swimming pool owners.

After one minute you can read the result easily and quickly. For a fast check of 7 parameters: nitrate, nitrite, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH number, total hardness and carbonate hardness. test4aqua keeps you up-to-date on water quality and makes daily life easier. Pool experts recommend a weekly check of regular used pools.

Simple, fast and hygienic. With or without app!

test4aqua App

App included!

Audio output also available. With automatic colour comparison and detailed evaluation.

Time series and own profiles with photo also available.

For all private indoor and outdoor swimming pools and whirlpools. test4aqua also for household water, e.g. from wells and for aquariums and garden ponds with fresh water.

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Application - please follow instructions

Open immediately before application, immerse all test fields for one second
Withdraw and wait one minute
Verify yourself or with app
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