test4 - I care

Self-determined und independent

test4® reflects our desire to enable people to assume responsibility for care and health.

We want to make it easier for people and their families to look after their health, well-being and the quality of their lives. This is why we are passionately and competently developing intelligent but simple interim DIY tests. We hope to help people take the right precautions themselves.

For confidence and safety every day.

Taking precautions and taking care

You can only take precautions and care if you know how.

Unfortunately, animals and water can’t talk to you. Often it takes a long time for symptoms to appear. Irregularities and deviations from the norm may well have become risks by that time.

The interim check

Our simple, fast interim DIY check informs you after one minute so you can take the necessary precautions yourself.

We offer fast tests for animal owners to check the health of their pets, for private households to check the quality of household water, for example from wells, for private pool owners to check the quality of the water in swimming pools and whirlpools, and for aquarists to check water in aquariums and garden ponds..

test4pet and test4aqua make life easier

test4pet keeps you up-to-date on your pet’s health and makes life easier, for example if you’re unsure how your pet is doing or if you want to verify your pet’s health yourself. Simple, fast and hygienic.

test4aqua for a fast check on the quality of household water, private pools and water in aquariums andgarden ponds.

Only if you know what to do can you take action and make timely decisions.

test4® - I care